We are a Christian ministry that helps people who have difficulty getting to a job.

We're providing vehicles for several strategic groups of individuals in the Austin area

Single Mothers

Single mothers in trouble

Whether it be a mom leaving an abusive situation or a mom juggling a tight schedule of getting her kids to school and working multiple part-time jobs just to get by. If she is at the mercy of public transportation, she may have to turn down job opportunities because of schedule conflicts.


Prior offenders getting back on their feet

Of all the challenges facing former offenders as they re-enter society, the lack of job opportunities is vital. If they need a vehicle to get to one of the few opportunities they have, it can become a tragedy if they turn to predatory lenders or return to a life of crime to finance it.

Single Mothers

Veterans in need

There’s also no shortage of challenges facing veterans, and the currently high suicide rates among them prove that. It’s sad to think that people who have risked their lives for the freedom of others feel that they have no options left. If transportation is an issue for them, wouldn’t it be nice to help relieve that stress for them?

What we do

We work with our partner organizations to identify candidates

We have a strong and growing network of partner organizations that we work with to identify potential candidates that need assistance to get a vehicle.

Home visits by Workers2Work volunteers

In order to assist candidates, we first need to assess their needs before we can plan a coure of action. In these home visits, volunteers will do assessments, offer help or training with budgeting, offer spiritual counceling and prayer, and help candidates initiate the application process.

Partner with us
you can help


We’re always on the look out for volunteers to assist with home visits and other ministry needs.


We rely primarily on donations to be able to serve people in the manner described above. Sent donations to:

2800 E. Whitestone Blvd
Ste120 PMB 194
Cedar Park, TX 78613

We partner with a variety of organizations to help identity and serve candidates.
Here are some, with more to come: